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UE4 ASSET UE4 Props Medieval - VOL 6 - Food and Feast


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Medieval - VOL 6 - Food and Feast in Props - UE Marketplace

A collection of medieval assets that can be used for games!

Описание / Description:
Этот проект включает в себя все, что изображено на картинке, со всеми активами, картами и материалами, созданными в движке Unreal Engine. Каждый актив был создан для реалистичной визуальной картинки качества AAA, стиля и бюджета.

Арт создан студией Dekogon.

Технические детали / Technical Details:
  • 46 Meshes
  • High quality and fidelity texture sets - 2k textures
  • Master material setup that control the majority of all props and models
  • Additional controls for roughness, albedo, normals and more
  • Channel packed Roughness | Metalness | Ambient Occlusion
  • Realistic Post Process and Look Up Table
  • Optimized for games
  • Free of all legal issues as all branding and labels are custom made by our studio
  • Fully detailed models from all sides
  • Includes test dynamic lighting scene
Texture Sizes:
  • 4096 [6]
  • 2048 [63]
  • 128 [3]
Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes
Collision: Yes, automatically generated and per-poly mix based on complexity of asset
Vertex Count: Displayed in Documentation
LODs: Small Props LODs
Number of Meshes: 46
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 23
Number of Textures: 71
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Window/Mac/PS4/Xbox
Documentation and Credits: https://www.notion.so/dekogon/Medieval-0bb904267f0e4934848b1856e4bc1fc6

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